Human Resources Development within Dagon Group of Companies is considered as one of the most important role in the further development and success of our organization.


We provide programme to orient, train and develop personnel by improving skills, knowledge, capabilities and competencies required to perform well on the job. We also try to achieve this through regular workshops and seminars by inviting academics and industry experts.


The aims and objectives of HR development programmes of Dagon Group are based on identified performance gaps by enabling individuals to achieve short-term and long-term career goals and supporting succession planning by implementing leadership development programs.

  The training and learning programmes participated by our work force members covers various areas including ICT, English Language, Business Management, Construction Engineering, Quality/Production Management, Operation Management, Financial Management, Safety Management, Office Management, Marketing and Customer Relationship, Labour Law, Corporate Governance, and Project Management. Our most recent venture is Future Leader Programme that was introduced in April, 2018. We also received the learning opportunities on sustainability topics in seminars and workshops organized by the UMFCCI and MCRB.   In January 2019, the company issued a policy, to sponsor the expenses connected with the Executive MBA programme, applicable to all company members including directors.


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Work-Life Balance Workshop by Well-Being

March 2019 @Dagon Group Training Hall   [envira-gallery id="69310"]  

Dagon Group Management Retreat 2019

23 - 25 March 2019 @Oasis Hotel, Naypyitaw   [envira-gallery id="69296"]  


21st September 2019 @Mingalar Cinema Hall, Dagon Centre II   [envira-gallery id="69249"]  

Interpersonal Skills Development

Self-Awareness & True Authentic Self (2 Days Training)

October 2019 @Dagon Group Training Hall   [envira-gallery id="69256"]  

Interpersonal Skills Development

Self-Esteem (2 Days Training)

November 2019 @Dagon Group Training Hall   [envira-gallery id="69273"]  

Interpersonal Skills Development

Team Work (2 Days Training)

December 2019 @Dagon Group Training Hall   [envira-gallery id="69280"]  

Dagon Construction Retreat 2019 : RAISING THE BAR

22nd December 2019 @Shwe Pyi Resort, Bago   [envira-gallery id="69225"]

Interpersonal Skills Development

Effective & Behavior Change Communication Skill (2 Days Training)

February 2020 @Dagon Group Training Hall   [envira-gallery id="69288"]