Retail & Distribution

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Star Mart Super Market

For retail services Dagon Group operates Star Mart supermarkets in both Dagon Center I and Dagon Center II. Star Marts provide various commodities for any ages, any genders and any purpose.

Dagon Fashion Corner

Global Sky Co.,Ltd.

Warehouse and Logistics

Warehousing for distribution is one of the key factors for our organization. We have planned to increase the space up to 300% by rental or construction. Our current capacity is 13,000 cartons and in future to expand 45,000 cartons. Stock Management is that to keep stock level at 2.5 month and decrease 1.5 month within 2013. Since our products mainly import from Thailand and it is required to increase the ports for transportation with Maesod, Maesai, Kanchannaburi and Ranong provinces. Our distribution has been made in 24 regions in the whole Myanmar.