Dagon Group of companies is one of the most highly regarded Groups in Myanmar. Competitive and progressive business group of highly successful companies engaged in leading industries. Since its establishment in 1990, in a short period of time Dagon Group now has more than 16 member companies that are major players in diverse industries such as: Real Estate, Construction & Engineering, Hospitality Management, Retail & Distribution, Food, Agriculture & Plantation, Petroleum & Power. First of the Dagon Group companies, Dagon International, which started of with 5 employees in 1990 to more than 4500 employees to date as the whole Dagon Group. 

Dagon Group consolidated assets is estimated at equivalent of US$ 350 million. The Group is committed to corporate transparency, high ethical standards and effective stakeholder communications.

Since from the established year to up to date (1990 to 2019), Dagon International Limited had paid Income Tax US$ 169,297.16 and Kyats 2,713,494,116.18 and Commercial Tax US$ 464,221.22 and Kyats 2,321,157,700.00.

Since from the established year to up to date, Dagon Timber Limited (1992-2019), had paid Income Tax US$ 686,714.67 and Kyats 937,415,528.77 and Commercial Tax US$ 2,102,985.78 and Kyats 31,969,229.18.

Since from the established year to up to date, Global Star Company Limited (2008-2019), had also paid Income Tax US$ 416,875.21 and Kyats 448,940,017.00 and Commercial Tax US$ 1,764,342.84 and Kyats 486,713,602.00.

Since from the established year to up to date, Thuriya Energy Company Limited (2010 -2019) had also paid Income Tax Kyats 388,743,307.00 and Commercial Tax Kyats 1,305,420,259.00.

At Dagon Group, we believe that every project, regardless of scale and size, deserves our complete attention from creation through to implementation, complemented with proper maintenance and after-care.

The Dagon Group employs as dynamic management team guided by the “hands-on’’ leadership of its executive chairman and executive directors. Recognizing the rapid pace of business environment and new business support systems, the Group is committed to an on-going training and development program to ensure that its people are kept abreast of change.

It is our aimed to building an achievement-oriented and customer-centric organisation, committed to attaining industry leadership, with aggressive growth plans for the business verticals that it operates in. We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor and strive to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the communities we do business.

Each of our fully consolidated subsidiaries is incorporated and operating in Myanmar.

GROUP MISSION “ To do and make possible"

Dagon Group of Company was first establish in 1953 with Dagon Tin Factory. With the Myanmar government’s open door economic policy in 1990, Dagon International Ltd is the first company to be formed under Dagon Group. Since its establishment in 1990, the Group has grown to become one of well respected diversified Group of Companies with 15 group  companies.


  • To have good business ethics in every activity we engaged in.
  • To produce or offer products and services which are reliable and of good quality.
  • To create a safe working environment where employers can demonstrate and excel with the responsibility they have taken up.


  • Dagon International Ltd.
  • Dagon Agriculture Ltd.
  • Dagon Communication Ltd.
  • Palm Tree Co., Ltd.
  • Thuriya Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Thuriya Energy Depot Management Co., Ltd.
  • Dagon Food Ltd.
  • Dagon Timber Ltd.
  • Dagon Rubber Plantation Ltd.
  • Dagon Construction Ltd.
  • Global Star Co., Ltd.
  • Global Woodcraft Industries Ltd.
  • Global Sky Co., Ltd.
  • Global Investment Holding Ltd.
  • Apex Construction Co., Ltd