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Dagon International is a premier Myanmar property development company over two decade of experience. We have successfully supplied more than 5,000 houses to happy homeowners. We have completed an extensive range of both residential and commercial properties. Our high-quality, sustainable developments bring benefits and value to the businesses and people who occupy them.

We've made our name creating quality commercial developments for the retail, office and leisure. And we apply the same high standards to everything we do – from acquisition and construction through to issues such as community and environmental impact.

Our successful property development is never just about bricks and mortar or steel and glass. Experience has taught us that, the key component is always "the people". We have the right team in place to set strong foundations.

Dagon International has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline including some low cost/affordable housing in order to meet the rising demand of middle income families and making everyone to afford a home.

Thuwanna Housing Project, Yangon

Project was developed by 5 membered Developer Consortium

  • Shophouses 16 nos
  • 4 units 4 storey 5 nos
  • Duplex 25 nos
  • 4 units 8 storey 2 nos
  • Single Family House 32 nos
  • Supermarket Mall
  • 6 units 3 storey 5 nos
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Grand Golden View Tower

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Dagon Center Shopping Mall(III)

Land for Dagon Centre III has been secured and planning has been underway to develop a 16 storey building with 6 storey shopping mall with better amenities and cinemas and 10 storey of Office space for rent.

  • 16 Storey High
  • 6-level Shopping Centre
  • 4 Screen CinePlex
  • Resident and Offices (10 Storey)
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Dagon Centre I, a 3 storey Shopping Mall first opened its doors in 2004, one of the first of its kind in Myanmar. A modest start as compare to other neighboring countries but a big leap in the Shopping business in Yangon, where most people still do their shopping in places like Bogyoke Market. With its strategic location, it has soon became a hot spot for Young shoppers and a good Family weekend place. Soon afterwards, more similar shopping mall started coming in but Dagon Centre remains to be one of the top, for it is strategically located in the highly dense middle income family residential area. The other advantage Dagon Centre I has is, its good functional layout with better decoration and wider walkways. With the high success and popularity of Dagon Centre Shopping Mall, Dagon International Ltd. decided to put up more shopping malls in the near vicinity. Dagon International jointly developed with Ministry of Information’s owned land next door to the existing Dagon Centre I to become our second mall in the Group. The Project was named Dagon Centre II and which was jointly developed with the agreement of 60:40 benefit sharing between Dagon Group and Ministry of Information, Myanmar Motion Picture Enterprise. 40% of the project cost was contributed by Ministry of Information with their owned land and other 60% of the project cost was contributed by Dagon Group.

Dagon Centre II is a 16 storey building with 6 storeys Shopping Centre including Children's Playground and Cinema Hall. The Grand Opening was on January 2012. With the fast evolving taste of Myanmar Market we strive hard to offer our Customers better shopping choices with a better ambience. It is a good place to hang out with friends and an all-in-one stop for the Family. Dagon Centre II was designed and constructed with features which can be comparing to other Malls in the neighboring countries. Being one of the Leaders in the Industry, we Dagon believe that, we owe it to our Customers to continue to grow and should keep pace to the fast development in our country. Although, Dagon Centre II had just opened its doors, our team is already busy finalizing the plans for a bigger and more modern Dagon Centre III. A bigger Department Store offering a wide array of Local and Imported Products, and more shops for a better Shopping Experience.

Land for Dagon Centre III has been secured and planning has been underway to develop a 16 storey building with 6 storey shopping malls with better amenities and cinemas and 10 storey of Office space for rent.


Dagon Center Shopping Mall(I)

  • 3 storey shopping mall
  • 80 shops
  • 2 promotion areas
  • Arcade game center
  • 2 mini department store
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Dagon Center Shopping Mall(II)

  • 6 storey shopping mall
  • 70 shops
  • 2 promotion areas
  • Children Playground
  • Cinema Hall
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