• Petroleum & Energy

  • Thyuriya Energy Company Co., Ltd.
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Petroleum and Energy

In a strategic move for the future sustainable growth of the Group, it diversify into distribution and retailing of Petroleum products such as mogas octane 92 and gasoil under the Company names Thuriya Energy . To provide increased fuel security and environmentally better storage facilities, Thuriya Energy Depot Management company was developed and Myanmar Investment Commission permit was obtain in June of 2013. Furthermore, we are exploring different method of power generation which will be most efficient and least impact to the environment under the newly formed Thuriya Power Ltd.

Thuriya Energy Co., Ltd

Thuriya Energy offers a wide range of petroleum products that cater to the needs of all motorists through our network of retail service stations. Currently we have three fuel stations across central Yangon 3-5km distance away from each other.

We provide a fast, efficient, hassle-free dispensing of fuel. We guarantee that our customers will leave with a peace of mind of having received the correct quantity of quality fuel - every time they visit the Thuriya Energy Fuel Station. At Thuriya Energy we are exercising environmental stewardship of internationally accepted standards and helping to improve the quality of life for community and society. We will be expanding our network of fuel stations across the country to bring our implacable service and quality to wider customer base.

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Thyuriya Energy Depot Management Ltd.

According to developing in industrialized economy the consumption of fuel is dramatically increasing and there is a shortage of safe storage depot for fuel. Thuriya Energy Depot Management is formed to fill the gap in the market and also to complement Dagon Groups' other fuel related businesses. Total capacity of 64,000 ton, state of the art fuel storage facility construction is underway, in front of Thilawa SEZ, 25km from Yangon City.

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