Global Woodcraft Industrial LTD

Name of Company    – Global Woodcraft Industrial Limited

Line of Business        – Manufacturing and Marketing of Timber based Products

Share Holders           – Partner (A) – Global Star CO., LTD

(Myanmar Partner)

– Partner (B) – Woodcraft International PTE LTD

(Singapore Partner)

Products                     – Plywood, Veneer, Fancy Plywood, Door, MDF

Technology                – India/ South East ASEAN

Location                     –No. 42/161 to 164, Set Hmu Zone 1st Street, ShwePyiThar Industrial Zone, ShwePyiThar Township, Yangon Region, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.


Capital Structure

  • Authorized Capital    -           Ks. 7,000,000,000/-


  • Type of Shares          -           Ordinary Shares
  • Amount of Local Capital

to be contributed      -           USD   7,283,058/-

  • Amount of Foreign Capital

to be brought in        -           USD   7,283,058/-

TOTAL                        -           USD 14,566,116/-


Environmental Management

-          Global Woodcraft Industries Ltd (GWIL) will follow all the disciplines regarding the maintenance of Environment set by the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.

-          As per the Recommendation Letter of the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, GWIL has assigned to “Green Myanmar Environment Services Co., Ltd”, to do necessary EIA / SIA assessment for the project and EIA Assessment Report prepared by “Green Myanmar” has already been submitted to MIC.

-          GWIL will also abide by the Environmental Management Plan drawn by “Green Myanmar Environment Services Co., Ltd”.

-          GWIL will exert fullest effort to use the work plan that will minimize the effects on the Environmental Impact and Social Impact also.


Environmental Management Plan

-          GWIL will not manufacture Resin in the factory compound, and instead will use imported powder resin only in the plywood production process.

-          Small dust or particles coming up in the air inside the factory will be absorbed by pipe lines up to the dust collector which is attached to the factory building. And smoke will be out through 15 meters height chimney.

-          All types of the waste that will be coming out by factory operation such as;- saw dust, woodchips, barks, wood cuttings or scraps, wood shavings, etc. will be recycled as fuel for the boiler. So, there will not be any waste removal operation separately.

-          Due to the above arrangements, in operation of our project, there is less possibility for outcome of chemical residue, industrial sewage, hazardous toxins, air/water pollution that can effect to the Environment.


Plans for Employee Welfare

-          GWIL will arrange daily wages/salaries for the workers, which do not lower than the basic salary standard laid down by the Government. The basic salary for the unskilled labor will be min. US$ 100/- per month.

-          GWIL will arrange necessary First Aid and Health Care programfor the workers and staff and in the long run, GWIL will arrange one Health Care Centre and Education Centre for the children of the workers and staff.

-          GWILwill provide proper leave scheme, over-time allowance / yearly bonus which shall be satisfactory for the workers.

-          GWIL will arrange accommodation for the employees, whichGWIL deem appropriate to do so.

GWIL will provide the reasonable bus fares and allowances for the workers who cannot get accommodation in the factory compound.